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Fabienne Chonavel

  1. Charles is a French-born actor and voice director. He has dubbed dozens of famous actors in French in more than 100 films. His extensive dubbing experience includes directing other actors and leading workshops for French voice-over  performers who wish to learn dubbing techniques. Charles’ work has brought him consulting contracts for the French Consulate and many entertainment companies, both in Paris and Los Angeles. He was the official French male voice for the launch of E! Entertainment and his clients include world-renowned companies like Apple and Sony.

Charles Fathy

Born in Paris, Fabienne started her career in Marketing. After completing her MBA at HEC and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago, she settled in Los Angeles where she held several marketing positions prior to becoming the co-founder of Encore Voices. A voice talent in her own right, Fabienne is the French female voice for clients as diverse as Herbalife, Huggies and Hyundai. With an MA in English, Fabienne is also a film translator and voice coach for actors wanting to rehearse their French lines.

Encore Voices is the newly-formed partnership of voice talent and voice director Charles Fathy and voice talent and marketing guru Fabienne Chonavel. They have pooled clients, French voice talents and years of experience to offer a complete, high quality service for the entertainment and voice-over industries.

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