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Encore Voices is a complete French voice-over and French dubbing company

An extensive range of voices from France

Dubbing and voice-over require the right script, the right voice, the right way. Translation, voice and delivery must combine to create a credible result. Encore Voices offers an extensive French voice bank and production services for all your audio needs.

Ever worry about where to find a truly authentic French voice? We can help!
A one-stop shop, from translation to post-production

Encore Voices offers French coaching for screen and television actors.

Voice bank of over 80 French Parisian and French Canadian voice talents.

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  3. Bullet Localization

  1. Bullet Translations

  2. Bullet Subtitles

  3. Bullet Adaptation

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A team of translators and actors from Quebec for all your Canadian projects.

Working with Charles is always a real pleasure. He has unique creative insights, a deep experience of the industry and an ability to meet stressful deadlines and budget requirements. His company is a great asset for distributors”.   Nicolas Chartier, President, Voltage Pictures

Dubbing is also interpreting

We believe that a strong command of English is necessary to be faithful to the script. Voice inflexions, rhythm and general tone are different in English and French. That’s why our team of fully bilingual talent can render the subtleties of the original film, something a French actor in France may not be able to do as well.

Levels of languages, in tone and vocabulary, give your character depth and credibility. We certainly don’t want Bruce Willis to sound like Sir Ben Kingsley when he speaks French!