Ever worry about the quality of the lip-sync dubbing of your project? We can help!

Dubbing and voice-over require the right script, the right voice, the right technology. Translation, voice and delivery must combine to create a credible result. In addition to offering an extensive voice bank and production services for all your audio needs, Encore Voices  is the first dubbing company in Los Angeles using the only "interactive" rythmo-band on the market.

A one-stop shop, from translation to post-production

In the current market where streaming platforms are becoming content producers in multiple territories, and are looking to dub their products in several languages, Encore Voices takes pride in providing high quality services. With over 10 years of experience, built on the highest European and Canadian dubbing quality standards, Encore Voices is confident in its ability to deliver.

  • Interactive Rythmo-Band

  • Live Action English Dubbing

  • Foreign Languages: French, German, Italian, and Castilian Spanish

  • Over 400 Native Talents

Voice-Over Actors: We're looking for you!

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