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Voice Coaching

Vocal  Coaching - Rachid Ferrache

Be prepared for any vocal situation, an audition, a cover, recording session, a live performance, or the interpretation of an original composition. Become the singer you’ve always dreamt of.

  • Perfect tune

  • Breathing techniques

  • Interpretation

  • Vibrato Control

  • Gain Vocal Power

  • Extend your range

  • Groove

  • Improvisation

  • Beat Box

  • Eliminate vocal bad habits

Rachid Ferrache starts his career in the entertainment industry at a very young age. At the age of 16, he composes, arranges and produces his first compositions, and add dance to his passion, which he perceives as a body expression in synergy with music. Providing his own training and very effective techniques, he makes a name for himself in professional studios and music labels by bringing a very fast an efficient execution, with a perfect control of the voice and music editing software. He names his specific technique the “ONE TAKE”.In 2009 when Michael Jackson past, he produces and directs a series of tribute shows with over 30 artists on stage. He directs various singers with different vocal styles, while keeping the original style.

He becomes Judge or Vocal Coach in various television shows such as American Idol, Star Academy, Las Vegas Academy and In Search of the new Michael Jackson.

Today, Rachid Ferrache counts more than 1,500 recording studio sessions, and more than 500 singers coached, directed or trained.Rachid is ready to share his years of experience through to singers and artists. He has developed a custom made Vocal Coaching and Singing Techniques, with the focus to help with accessible educational tools. No matter how many hours and years of work, he truly believes that everything could be accomplished only with true passion for singing.

On Set Coaching

Encore Voices offers French coaching for screen and television actors, on or off-set. Our team of French experts is experienced in rehearsing actors and singers.

With smart pronunciation and elocution tips, and patience from our qualified instructors, anyone can deliver their lines in French with a convincing accent.

Photos  - Courtesy of the UCLA Center for International Medecine

Pictured here: On the set of UCLA’s African docu-drama for the International Rescue Committee, American French-speaking actors rehearse their lines under Charles and Fabienne’s attentive ears and eyes.

“Having Charles and Fabienne as voice coaches on the set made a huge difference for me. They walked me through all the essential medical terms and corrected my oversights. They had a great rapport with the rest of this terrific shooting team. Merci!.”

Kellie, lead role

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