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The new "interactive" rythmo-band


In our constant search of new technologies available in the voice synchronization field, we have tried most of the rythmo-bands available on the market. We recently gave a try to the latest version of VoiceQ and were greatly surprised and satisfied with the results.

The revised version of this rythmo-band sets itself apart by being the only interactive rythmo-band available. The ability to make changes on the go makes the work easier for everyone involved, including the actor and the director, which translates into a more precise and exact dubbing and a greater and more natural delivery from the actor.

We recognize the value of this interactive feature, as well as other highly convenient features specific to VoiceQ, and we believe that they will soon become the norm as they are essential to reach a higher level of accuracy in dubbing.

With that in mind, we have developed a strategic partnership with VoiceQ and are pleased to be  their global affiliate in California.

"I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of rythmo-band systems and VoiceQ is by far the best, allowing for greater customization and therefore greater efficiency during the recording process.” 

Keith Silverstein

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