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Encore Voices is a complete voice-over and lip-sync dubbing company

Encore Voices was founded over 10 years ago and quickly became a leader in the French dubbing industry. Today, we specialize in Live Action English Dubbing, French, French-Canadian, Italian, German, and Castilian Spanish. We are proud of our work values and fairness, and of giving back to the acting community. We truly believe in teamwork, giving people a chance, and treating everyone with respect. 

Charles Fathy


Charles is a French-born actor and voice director. He has dubbed dozens of famous actors in French in more than 300 films. Charles’ work has brought him consulting contracts for  many entertainment companies.  In search of the best tool for lipsync dubbing, Charles has developed with VoiceQ, the first interactive rythmo-band on the market. He also created the course "Learning French through acting" developped at Calstate LA and Middlebury College.  When he is not in the studio, Charles fulfills his competitive nature by road racing his motorcycle on the race track.  Email


Guillaume Dabinpons

Dubbing Producer 


With impressive experience working in production for NBC and Technicolor, Guillaume brings a deep creative knowledge of the industry to Encore Voices' team. The list of content he previously worked on includes Unbreakable Kimmy Smith, Better Call Saul, Sense8, Narcos, House of Cards, etc.  At Encore Voices Guillaume makes sure that all individuals involved in the dubbing process have the material they need to work in good conditions, at all levels of production. Starting from the adaptors working on the script creation for lip-sync dubbing, the casting director, actors, dubbing directors and sound engineer.

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Brett Calo

Production Coordinator

Brett is proud to be part of this team. While receiving his BFA in film and television from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, he was an editorial intern for Martin Scorsese’s production company. Brett became an assistant editor at NBCUniversal and also worked on a variety of shorts, documentaries, and feature films. After gaining extensive experience on set and in post-production, Brett decided to go back to school to receive his MFA in acting from UCLA. He has been performing professionally as an actor and singer since graduating. Working at Encore Voices has given Brett the opportunity to combine his knowledge of acting with his experience in film and television production.

Kai Wulff .jpg

Kai Wulff

Dubbing Producer (de)

Kai has produced more than 200 feature film dubs into German over the past 18 years. He has extensive experience with translations, lip sync adaptations casting, directing and as a voice talent. In the fall of 2017 he started working for Encore Voices and has produced German versions of multiple whole seasons of content for the company since.

Oscar Fabela.jpeg

Oscar Fabela

Casting & Production Coordinator

Oscar is a Mexican-American artist based in Los Angeles. A graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television, and The British American Drama Academy at University of Oxford, he was recently awarded the Golden Globes Acting Fellowship, and is a Scholar of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts. After working with Francis Ford Coppola on his latest ‘Distant Vision’, Oscar has worked nationally and internationally for companies such as Disney Entertainment, The Guthrie Theater, Anne Bogart’s SITI Company, and the Grotowski Institute in Poland. He has extensive Voice Over and Dubbing experience as an Actor, Production Coordinator, and Casting Lead for international films and series.


Manuele Pepe

Sound Engineer

Born in Italy, Manuele Pepe  started out as a guitarist until he decided to explore the behind the scenes of recording and enrolled in the music recording program at the “Modern Music Institute” where he graduated in 2016. He then continued his education and moved to Los Angeles where he graduated in advanced audio post production techniques at Recording Connection. Shortly after, he started working as a recording engineer on dozens of dubbing projects in almost every language and fell in love with the process! His credits include Disney Dream Big Princess Club, Looney Toons Lunchtime Challenge, and Pixar Cars Racing Sport Networks YouTube channels.


Tyler Claridge

Sound Engineer


Tyler is a creative and passionate sound engineer with over 14 years of experience.  He started his career with a solid background in post-production and went on to specialize in dubbing, recording and mixing hundreds of films and shows in a multitude of languages.  He also ran the audio department for a media management company and is very familiar behind the scenes with all the steps it takes to go from the initial order to the final delivery.  Along with experience, Tyler brings a true love and care for the art of dubbing into the studio with him every day and thrives on creative energy.


Mark Lewis

Dubbing Director

Mark Lewis is an actor, musician, voice artist, improv artist, and director as well as an Acting Instructor at AMDA in Hollywood. Mark has been a professional performer for over 40 years, including film, TV, on-and-off Broadway, LA stages, and concert halls around the world. Mark began working with Encore Voices in 2019 as a dubbing actor and director, and is continually excited and impressed by the excellence of the work produced here.


David Babich

Dubbing Director

With an extensive background in acting, music composition, writing, and teaching, David approaches directing from several angles - blending the 'inside-out' aspects of emotional performance with the 'outside-in' of the resulting voice performances.  Aside from his technical approach, he finds rapport to be the most important component of the actor-director working relationship, especially when separated by the glass.  David will occasionally walk into the booth to make contact (don't be scared!) and give direction this way for higher-stakes moments. David has a Bachelor's in Voice and Music Composition from UCLA, 1992.

Wolfie Trausch.png

Wolfie Trausch

Dubbing Director

Wolfie is an LA-native who's been working in the entertainment industry since the age of twelve. He has a passion for all aspects of the voice-over industry, from directing, to acting, casting, producing, and teaching. He loves the collaborative process that dubbing entails, working with each actor to ensure that each dubbed line is as well performed and connected as the original. He's grateful to be a part of the positive and inspired team that Encore has assembled. When he's not working, he's likely watching videos of cats online. 

Mukta Cholette

Marketing Director & French-Canadian Dubbing Producer

Highly dynamic marketing director, Mukta offers innovative and creative solutions to reach new clients and meet their needs. She is a results-oriented leader with a special talent for client relations; always assuring their upmost satisfaction. Originally from Montréal, Mukta has also been working as a voice-actor in Los Angeles for the last 10 years. She was the French-Canadian voice of several major companies such as iTunes Radio, Swarovski, Pampers and, and is the Supervisor of the French-Canadian projects at Encore Voices; ensuring the accuracy of her mother tongue.   Email


Fabienne Chonavel

Founding partner, Certified Interpreter

Born in Paris, Fabienne started her career in Marketing. After completing her MBA at HEC and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago, she settled in Los Angeles where she held several marketing positions prior to becoming the co-founder of Encore Voices. A voice talent in her own right, Fabienne is the French female voice for clients as diverse as Herbalife, Huggies and Hyundai. With an MA in English, Fabienne is also a film translator and voice coach for actors wanting to rehearse their French lines. 


  • Djamel Bennecib, Translation Director (fr-en)

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