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Nicolas Chartier

President, Voltage Pictures

“Working with Charles is always a real pleasure. He has unique creative insights, a deep experience of the industry and an ability to meet stressful deadlines and budget requirements. His company is a great asset for distributors”.

Jacques Barreau

Director International Dubbing, Warner Bros.

“At Warner Bros., our needs for voices are sometimes very specific, voice-matching projects. Charles has dubbed all kinds of films for us, from old feature films like Tarzan to classic TV series like The Dukes of Hazard and Dallas. ”

Javier Pontón

President, Pontón Worldwide Productions

“I have known Charles for more years than I am willing to admit. In my previous positions (including International Casting Director for Disney), I have always appreciated the quality of his dubbing work. He truly knows how to render in French the full intent of the original script.”

Blas Kisic

Owner at Blague Communications

“Charles, and his team at Encore Voices, is a great asset. He's one of the best voiceover actor I've come across. We have collaborated jointly for several dubbing and voiceover projects, and I've always been impressed with his skill, not only in voicing and dubbing, but also as a director and project manager. It doesn't hurt that he's a charming and genuinely nice guy. I recommend him wholeheartedly, both as an actor and as a director - and his French voice team at Encore Voices is peerless. He's our first call whenever we have a project in French. ”.

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